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    Name: Nick Bare

    Age: 26

    Education: B.S. Nutrition, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, May 2013

    Military Background: 

    4 Years Active Duty, U.S. Army

    Infantry Officer, 11A

    Ranger Qualified, Airborne Qualified, Air Assault Qualified

    Currently: Resides in Austin, TX and owner of BPN Supplements.

    My Story

    My fitness journey started as a young teen, recovering from an eating disorder and transitioning my focus on a healthier and happier me.  I decided to pursue a degree in Nutrition after picking up much interest in the balance of diet and exercise.  While in college I joined the Army ROTC program to commission as an Infantry Officer upon graduation.  While on active duty I graduated from the U.S. Army Ranger School, Airborne School and Air Assault School.  I was lucky enough to be an Infantry Platoon Leader for two years with some of the best Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers I could have ever worked with.  During my entire time in the military I was building my sports nutrition company, BPN Supplements, in preparation for my transition to civilian life after my 4-year contract.  Upon release from Active Duty with an honorable discharge I opened my gym, Bare Performance Gym, in Austin, TX as a second location to distribute our dietary supplements.  Today I run my businesses out of the gym and share my life, business and fitness journey on YouTube and other social media platforms.